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  • Conducting online therapy has never been easier, and there are so many benefits!

    No more sitting in traffic, bad weather, or running into someone you know in the lobby. Instead, you find a cozy place in your home, grab a cup of your favorite drink, and bring that pen and paper with you! Then, you set up your laptop or prop up your phone screen and we can begin.

    Here are some examples of the benefits of online therapy:

    • A woman smiles as she types on a laptop. This represents online therapy in Florida from the comfort of home. Contact an online therapist for more info about online trauma therapy, therapy for anxiety, and other services. Online therapy is convenient
    • Online therapy is effective
    • Privacy protection
    • Online therapy is easy to use
    • Access to skilled care no matter where you’re located in Florida

    Most people think that being in a different room will diminish the experience with their therapist. But, for us at Exhale Counseling Center, that’s not true. We do our best to remain present with you. aIn fact, some have stated that they feel as though we’re right there with them!

    Our Simple Practice platform helps keep things simple and to the point. You can fill out paperwork, schedule appointments, and use the same platform to meet with us. We will use the platform’s secure video chat for your sessions.

    couple smiling on the computer. This symbolizes the ease of online therapy in Florida. Contact an online therapist in Florida for support with online trauma therapy, online couples counseling, and other services.Online Therapy for Anxiety in Florida:

    Online therapy for anxiety is available at Exhale Counseling Center. If you believe you are experiencing anxiety but aren’t sure, read this anxiety blog post describing the symptoms and signs of anxiety here.

    Online Therapy for Depression in Florida:

    Depression treatment is also available at Exhale Counseling Center. If you have experienced the symptoms described in this depression article, then counseling may help. While working with a therapist, you can discover healthy coping skills to treat depression.

    Online Therapy for Trauma in Florida:

    Trauma can have lasting long-term effects. They can occur weeks, months, or years after a very stressful situation has occurred. If you think that you may be dealing with the long-term effects of something that happened, reach out to us. Even if it’s long after the event, you or someone close to you can benefit from online trauma therapy. To learn more, read this article on trauma memory.

    Online Couples Therapy in Florida:

    Are you and your spouse not feeling as connected? Do you feel stuck in a standstill, or argue about the same things over and over? If so, it may be time to seek a couples therapist to help get you both through this rough patch. At the Exhale Counseling Center, we work with both of you to understand a bit of the history. This means understanding your relationship timeline, recent occurrences, and increasing healthy communication. We will develop both problem-solving and listening skills. The goal at Exhale Counseling Center is to reduce the “noise” of outside factors. We will help you both get back to understanding the person that you have committed to. Click here to learn more.

    Is Online Therapy Effective?

    Therapy in person, in a group setting, or online is only as effective as you make it. Yes, the online therapist you are working with matters (and we’ve got that part covered for you). But, the effectiveness of therapeutic sessions is based on what you take, use in life, and report back. You are the common factor in your life, friendships, work relationships, and therapy. So, what you put in will be a lot of what you get from it.

    Begin Online Therapy in Florida with Exhale Counseling Center:

    A man smiles as he types on his laptop with notebook nearby. This could represent meeting with an online therapist in Florida. Learn more about online therapy in Florida. Online therapy for anxiety can help you feel more at ease today!

    Distance shouldn’t factor into the quality of mental health services available to you. Our caring therapists would be happy to support you from our Orlando, FL-based counseling practice. You deserve to address the issues that affect you from the comfort of home. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
    1. Email us at [email protected], call 407-720-5976, or complete a contact form on our website.
    2. Conduct a 15-minute consultation
    3. Complete the paperwork and schedule your first session

    Other Services Offered with Exhale Counseling Center: